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Personnage construction du générateur
« le: 23 mai 2012 à 07:20:11 »
Hey guys! on my search on DA, i found one image about build, but later i'll take a more good eye and i'll see it was a Build Creator.
i'll type the URL of the page and it send to one page were you can build ANY 012 Character Build with accessories and all!

yeah, i know someones know about it.
but as the tittle of this page it's say: "Dissidia" i don't think it's bad just show out for the news our some relevant (like show your chars) our, for comparable, and help in the most easy way (and maybe, for the ones who DON'T know this tool)


The image it gonna come in low side, but it have to be press on "open in other window" for show his real size.
and SAVE the image. the ulr just work ONE time with that image!!
for upload it can use many pages (include Tumblr).

So, here's one example, my Build:

Anyone want to showoff they main Characters sets/builds?

PS: if any moder can translate what i say in french, i can really appreciate him. because this's the only i want it come in french from me.

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Re : Personnage construction du générateur
« Réponse #2 le: 09 janvier 2015 à 18:09:21 »
I know what you mean. Let me put it in your ass too.